How Design Pickle Went from Zero to Seven-Figure ARR in Less Than Three Years

I love to hear people getting success and accomplishments in their life. When you get success, you come up with the powerful feelings of standing-alone in the crowd. However, for every good thing, you need to survive from a bad one. Struggles are important to make and without which you cannot hope for any good things coming to your way. Irrespective of the field you choose, you need to devote your time and put efforts to be the one you want. Graphic designing is no exception. 

Being a creative designers, your goal should be to ensure smoothness in the designs. The application of the right techniques combined with your creative approach lead to a huge success in this field. Roam around and check out some successful creative designing companies and you will find them making the most of these techniques. Design Pickle is a company that has done exactly the same. And, this might be the reason behind its success.

Lets’ Probe into the History of Design Pickle   

Design Pickle is a global creative services company that was founded in Scottsdale. The creative mind behind the origin of this multimillion company was Russ Perry. The inspiration behind the establishment of the firm was to deliver consistent, inexpensive, and accessible creative content to any business.

From being Zero to seven figure ARR, Design Pickle had to make some serious efforts. 

It has been years that the company has started, but still the past does matter. There are so many factors involved in a success of a business including impressive capital, business experience, supportive team, as well as founder passion. I believe, the importance of founder is irrefutable to take no notice of, and this is what I want to cover here. 

The founder of Design Pickle has been a person who involved in building agencies of various niche. His expertise and experience in the creative industry is one reason behind the success of the business. 

Before starting Design Pickle, the founder owned a thriving global business agency for over ten years. Nonetheless, things weren’t really happening as expected, as showed by the circumstance that they did over $3,000,000 in revenue in the year of 2013 but brought forth very small proceeds. The situation was getting worse day by day. Russ and his partner decided to dissolve the company after losing $650,000 in booked revenue in less than three months. 

Russ had to deal with severe economic crises soon after dissolving this business. He had no job and not much saving. He had a huge credit card debt to pay. He had his entire family to look after and give support. It was so much to bear and he had not much hopes for the settlements. He soon realized that he had to make serious efforts to stand again. His aim was to build a profitable business. 

The idea of making his own creative company crossed his mind when he read “7 Day Startup” by Dan Norris. The article was about a business evolution and progress. Dan Norris had talked about a start-up and how one could get the best of his business idea. Having read the article, Russ Perry got motivation to start his own innovative company. 

Keeping this goal in his mind, he started working. He hired Taylor Pearson as his coach or mentor. With the help of his mentor, he worked on his mission. Pearson is a renowned entrepreneur and author who helped him clearing his vision and stay true to his vision. He gave him a valuable consultation effective enough to pay back in spades. He helped the founder to come up with a great business idea and smart service offerings.  Russ started Design Pickle by emailing all his connections about it and publishing several guest posts on relevant blogs.

Innovative pricing seems to be a massive risk for any business, but this was not the case with Design Pickle. The agency has gained huge success with the help innovative pricing and subscripting billing procedure. Unlimited graphic design for a flat monthly fee was unheard of before Design Pickle pioneered this idea, and this was exactly one of the many things that gave them huge success. Other success factors include the effective use of word of mouth, content marketing, corporations, paid advertising and live events.

In the beginning, it was just another ordinary addition in the corporate world, but after three years it was on track to hit $10 million in annual recurring revenue. $10 million is not a little amount. It is huge. It actually leave one person wondering how a simple startup managed to hit this much profit in a matter of three years. Most small businesses take a couple of years to manage its important position on the market, let alone hitting millions. So, it is absolute wonder and much to be inspired about.

From a simple business idea to a thriving multi-million dollar business, the company has been an inspiration for every new as well as old business. Everyone wants to know the secrets behind their success and acquire the magic wand to be the same like Design Pickle. 

This creative company has gained its name in offering hundreds of thousands of people as well as businesses with top-notch design and illustration work. Their prices are affordable. The goal of Design Pickle is to do the right job at the right time.

There Are Plenty Of Things One Can Learn From Design Pickle!

 We must need to grasp the essence of creativity and how it works on any creative business. Designing is a powerful medium of conveying your mental thoughts to the world with the help of color and sketches. It is an eloquent art where an individual creates visual content to share his emotions, thoughts and feelings to the world. The craft involves innumerable techniques as well as strategies. Designing revolves around page layout techniques and visual hierarchy, interesting typefaces and images. Not even a single element can work if you take out the element of creativity from it. Thinking outside of the box with passion and urge to inspire the world around you is what a key to the success of any business. This is something that Design Pickle has done and this is something we need to mug up. 

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