Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Update and Much More

The animal kingdom is an American television web series. In 2010, a film was released called the Animal Kingdom by David Michod. The series was first released on 14 June 2016. There are a total of four seasons. Last season was released on 28 May 2019. And in July 2019 the series got renewed for its fifth season. Visit here more information about this article.

Release date for Animal kingdom season 5:

Animal kingdom usually releases its episodes in May. So we were all expecting its fifth season in May 2020 but since the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus epidemic and we all are assuming that the shoot for the fifth season is not finished yet so the chances for the release of the fifth season in may seems to be less. We all are in doubt about the release of the fifth season of the animal kingdom.

Casts expected in Animal kingdom season 5:
Ellen Barkin (Janine “Smurf” Cody)
Scott Speedman ( Barry “Baz” Blackwell)
Shawn Hatosy ( Andrew “Pope” Cody)
Ben Robson (Craig Cody)
Jake Weary ( Deran Cody)
Fin Cole (Joshua “J” Cody)
Smurf is dead in the last season but we can see her in the next season as flashbacks or glimpses of memory.

About the plot of Animal Kingdom Season 5

This series revolves around a 17-year-old boy Joshua. After his mother’s death, he settled down with the Cody family who is his relatives in South California. The family was a crime family. He is under the influence of his grandmother. In Last season we have seen that the Queen of Oceanside, smurf Cody has been killed by her grandson. When smurf found out about her cancer, she asked her grandson to kill her, to save her from her miserable life. Now it is a big question that who will be in power after the death of the smurf Cody as she was the ruler and was ruling her town in a very efficient way.

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